Comfort Footwear for Diabetics

Most people are aware of the medical condition diabetes and what it means in terms of diet and what you can and should not eat or drink.

But there are other aspects to this condition that are not so widely known about, such as problems with the feet.

relaxed feetThere are specialized kinds of footwear that are specially designed for comfortable feet, as is highlighted here and there are some interesting reasons for this. Let's take a look at them.

One of the common affects of diabetes on the feet is their swelling up after bearing the load of the body's weight for a length of time. There is often excessive sweating that accompanies this symptom.

These two factors can make it very uncomfortable to wear regular shoes or other footwear for a lengthy period of time. So what is the solution?

Diabetic Shoes

Specially designed shoes allow for the expansion of the feet, while additional air venting helps to reduce sweating. While early incarnations of these shoes tended to look bulky, clunk and even ugly, their modern counterparts are now very stylish and made to fit perfectly while losing that bulky, functional appearance.

Many modern versions of these shoes are difficult to tell from regular footwear, such are the advances in design and manufacture along with high quality materials and better styling for more comfortable walking.

Diabetic Slippers

In a similar way that the shoes allow for foot expansion and sweating, the slippers also have these properties while remaining very comfortable while keeping the feet dry and warm. These slippers are also much better designed and more stylish than their predecessors. So you can wear them with confidence and not feel that you are wearing medical foot wear.

There are also many designs of diabetic socks available for wearing with the shoes or slippers as you prefer. These are made with highly absorbent or moisture wicking materials to help keep your feet dry during periods of excessive sweating.


Some versions of the specialist shoes and socks contain special inner soles that gently massage the soles of the feet to aid relaxation and improve overall health. At the same time, this massaging action, in a similar manner to reflexology, helps to stimulate the parts of the feet that connect with other areas of the body to bring the body's energy flow into balance.

There is a evidence to suggest that massaging certain areas of the feet helps to reduce some of the symptoms of diabetes. However you look at it, massaging the feet does have a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body helping to reduce the effects of stress, which can only ever be a good thing when related to being healthy with age.

The ultimate aim of specialist diabetic footwear is to provide maximum comfort to the wearer while still appearing stylish and looking good. This footwear can be found in specialist shoe stores and also online, providing the customer with a great deal of choice on brand, quality and price.