Health Energy

Everything is energy, according to quantum physicists. That means everything we see, everything we experience and indeed everything that we are is energy.

That sort of connects us up with everything else and means we're not the individuals we thought we were.

That's a pretty tough concept to get your head around. I know I had trouble comprehending it and even accepting it at first. Now I accept it and I comprehend it but its still pretty mind blowing to contemplate. So I don't try and dwell on it much, just allow it to remain back of my mind so that I don't forget it.

But then, who can forget something like that?

The Law of Vibration

Energy vibrates at millions of different frequencies, depending on what happens to be influencing it at the time. A seed planted in the ground vibrates a certain frequency and like a magnet, attracts like forms of energy that are also vibrating at the same frequency to it.

These would be the nutrients and moisture particles in the soil that are made up of the energy that is vibrating in harmony with the seed and that will draw to it and help it to grow. Other forms of energy in the soil which are not conducive to the seed germinating and growing simply do not attract to it.

This is nature and how nature works. She is governed by very exacting laws and that means she brings about the same results every time. The law of vibration is one of those physical laws that simply put means that any form of energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency will attract like forms of energy that are vibrating on the same frequency.

It is this concept that leads to the law of attraction and how it works in our lives whether we know it or not.

If you have gotten your head around that, then the next part of this article will fall into place. If you didn't get it, maybe you should try reading it again, because it does make sense. Absolute sense, in fact.

Vibration and Health

The health of a human body is not some random process that make one person tired and ill and another fit and healthy. It is also governed by law. Every human body is made up of a mass of vibrating energy and it is the frequency that body is vibrating on that attracts to it good or bad vibrations from outside it.

Have you ever heard of the term, "Bad Vibes or Good Vibes?"

Well, that's basically what it is all about. We can sometimes sense good or bad vibes around us.

Walk into a certain house and it feels cool, uninviting or even sinister. Walk into another house and it feels warm and inviting, homely and welcoming. Why is that? It's because we pick up on the vibrations that the house is emitting, or more particularly, its frequency. You might say, "How can an inanimate object like a house be able to emit good or bad vibes?"

Well, every object emits a frequency because every object that we see is made up of energy, remember? And energy vibrates at one of millions of frequencies. So how does all this affect the health of a person?

Well, we emit a frequency just like anything else, but unlike most other objects, we have the advantage of being able to change the frequency that we're vibrating on. We do it with our thoughts. What is predominantly going on in our minds is affecting the vibrations we are emitting. And remember, energy vibrating on a certain frequency attracts more energy that is vibrating on the same frequency.

Watch that Anger!

So if you're really angry about something and you're churning anger over and over in your mind, you are going to attract more angry energy to you. If you're thinking disease, misery and ill health, you're attracting that to you.

If you're thinking good health, happiness and contentment, you're attracting that to you. But it's more than just thought that creates the attractive force that brings good or ill to you.

It's your emotional state that governs the strength of the vibration that you're putting out into the ether to attract its like to it. Anger, resentment, frustration, guilt, sadness are all negative emotions that attract negative situations into your life.

On the flip side, happiness, joy, eagerness, laughter, love and contentment are all positive emotions that will attract their like to you.

So you literally think yourself healthy or unhealthy, depending on what your predominant thoughts are emitting as a frequency. Because make no mistake, thoughts are measurable sources of energy, the same stuff that makes up everything!

Does it sound a little too far fetched to be true? You decide.

In the meantime, you may want to look a little more closely at what you're thinking about mostly. And if it's not good, then change it to something that is!