Home Delivery Diets

As the current problem of obesity shows little sign of abating, at least not in the near future, the proliferation of different weight loss diet programs that are emerging is on the one hand encouraging, while on the other, adding to the confusion of would-be dieters.

It is a known fact that the greater the choice that a person faces, the tougher it is to come to a definite decision over which option to take.

However, those choices can be made less difficult by bundling groups of diet programs into more easily assimilated types. That way a person can decide which type of diet best suits their circumstances, needs and tastes as well as current health level and then make their choice from a smaller and more manageable selection.

One such group of weight loss programs fall into the category of home delivery diets, sometimes referred to as diet food delivery plans. These are diets that free the user from having to do any of the traditionally undertaken work of buying the necessary special ingredients, preparing meals based on a diet sheet by carefully weighing and measuring portion sizes and counting calorie values and then cooking the meals.

The concept behind this kind of diet is one of ease of use and time saving convenience all in a handy package that is delivered to the user's home. There are several top companies that provide this specific service and these are listed below:

Jenny Craig

Advertised as the world's largest provider of home delivered diet meals, Jenny Craig is an international company owned by Swiss food giant, Nestle. Their model provides an easy-to-use diet program designed around a selection of low calorie meals that can be made from a varied menu according to the customer's needs and tastes.


NutrisystemAmerica's most popular diet food delivery brand, Nutrisystem is an all-American company serving its customers with a great selection of easy meals that are nutritionally balanced, low in calories and can be chosen from a vast collection of different and interesting meals. Like JC, the plans are four weeks long and all the meals the customer needs to eat are provided in a single package.

Meal plans are divided into those for men and for women. They are then are further subdivided into a plan for those with no special dietary needs, vegetarians (men or women), diabetics (Nutrisystem D), seniors (Silver) and a fully fresh-frozen meal plan (Select).


Another American company, Medifast has the distinction of having the full backing of America's doctors with fully 20,000 of them putting their name behind the brand and endorsing it for use by their patients.

Like Nutrisystem and JC, this is another four week package of convenient diet meals designed around a five-a-day meal program to get you eating little and often, thereby burning more calories than you would only eating the standard three square meals a day model.

There are plans for different groups as with the previous two companies, with those for vegetarians, diabetics and those with certain food allergies or intolerances such as gluten, lactose etc.


eDietsThis is a different kind of diet program that provides freshly made meals created by the company's own chefs that are shipped to the customer in chilled containers covering a single week at a time.

The quality is much higher than Nutrisystem, JC and Medifast (who provide the bulk of their plans as processed or freeze dried meals). Choose from a menu of over a hundred different meals to suit all tastes and needs.

Meals come with five or seven day plans and include three meals per day with a dessert following the main meal.

Bistro MD

Bistro MDSimilar to eDiets, Bistro MD ships their meals in single week batches of five or seven day's worth of food.

The meals are also of very high quality compared to Nutrisystem, JC and Medifast and are freshly prepared by the company chefs and frozen for shipping. These must be stored in a domestic freezer, but as the meal packages are quite small, they actually take up surprisingly little space.

This program also has the backing of America's doctors and in fact the nutritional aspect to the meals is under the supervision of their own resident doctor. It has also been featured on Television's Dr Phil, The Doctors and the Biggest Loser and claims physician-designed meal plans with chef prepared entrees.

Diet to Go

Another company in a similar style to eDiets and Bistro MD with a week long meal plan that customers can choose from their widely varied menu.

The idea back of diet food delivery is to provide customers with a weight loss solution that takes all the traditionally undertaken work from the diet and leaves the customer with only a simple menu to follow that saves time and effort. The meals are portable allowing people to take their lunches to work and avoid eating the problematical high calorie junk food lunches that are largely responsible for many people gaining weight.

There is a cost that comes with this level of convenience, although it is actually not so great when you consider that all meals are provided so the dieter does not need to buy any additional food.

With that said, Nutrisystem comes out as one of the cheapest programs with meals working out to as little as $10 a day (at 2024 prices), while Bistro MD is one of the more expensive costing around $23 a day without snacks included and $25 a day with snacks.

When you consider that many people spend this much and more on a high calorie restaurant lunch, it actually works out to be a very cost effective way to lose weight easily and conveniently.