Healthy Baby

Often when we think about personal health we tend to visualize an adult figure and the many aspects of it appearance. But it's just as important to consider our health at every stage of our lives, from when we are babies right up to adult age.

healthy childGetting parenting information from a baby source is a part of the process. While ensuring that diet is considered all the way through every member of our family's lives is another equally important area to look at.

As adults, we may worry about getting overweight or of losing it once we have already gained too much of it. We may consider what we should be eating and what we should be avoiding.

We may look at smoking and drinking alcohol in a more enlightened way and we may then choose to avoid them or not depending on our circumstances and state of mind. But when we are younger, such concerns don't really affect us and of course as small children and babies, they are simply not important.

Younger and Stronger

But from a parent's pointy of view, they are important and should be given due consideration for the sake of the younger ones and their health. While it may be true to a certain extent that the metabolisms of younger people are generally better equipped to deal with some poor diet choices, it is still a whole lot better to ensure that those metabolisms get the best diet they can.

It begins when we are babies. Parents generally tend to feed their little ones as best they know how. The problem is that opinions and viewpoints have changed radically over the last few decades as access to cheap and convenient foods has become the norm.

Fewer and fewer mothers are spending time in the kitchen preparing and cooking healthy meals for their families. This is often because they don't feel the need to when it's so much easier to grab some convenient ready-meals from the store and simply microwave them.

Baby Food

While logic would suggest that with all the amazing advances in nutritional knowledge and health care we should be much healthier than we were 50 years ago, the evidence in so many overweight people walking around the streets clearly defies that logic. We know how to be healthier yet we choose to eat ourselves into unhealthy, bloated, overweight bodies.

Does it all start when we are babies and instead of preparing real food, we are fed propriety baby food from a jar? Does eating additive laden commercially processed mush as babies set our digestive systems up for a propensity for junk food when we are older?

We can only guess that it might.

There is not enough long term research done in that area to be conclusive from a scientific viewpoint. But from a "seeing is believing" viewpoint, I'd say the evidence is pretty clear.

Home Cooked is Still Best

Anyone can do a lot of good in that area by ensuring their babies are fed as much wholesome food as they possibly can for some real home made health. While it is understandable that parents are busy and have less time for spending in the kitchen, there must still be times when a mother can make use of all those handy and convenient kitchen appliances for rustling up a healthy meal or more in next to no time.

Food processors make the task of mushing a baby meal so easy and fast, that in seconds a selection of cooked vegetables can be turned into a healthful, wholesome meal that will beat a jar of additive-packed junk any day!

So what's your excuse for not dong it? (Here are some common excuses:)

Well, you have a brain (if it hasn't been turned to mush itself by watching too much television) and you can use it to make a choice. You go ahead and choose how healthy you and your family can be.