Making Small Diet Meals Seem Bigger

If you are taking on a diet where the meal size is rather smaller than what you are probably used to, there is a clever tip that you can use to help you to get through the diet without feeling hungry in between meals.

Of course, it requires some measure of discipline on your part to make this work!

But if you are determined enough to go on diets to lose weight in the first place, then you should have the same determination to do whatever you can to make it work and achieve your goal of the amount of weight you want to lose with your chosen healthy diet.

small diet mealsThe trick is to make the small meal seem bigger by making it last longer and getting more enjoyment from it. To do this, there are several ways to attack your meal.

Avoid Distractions

First, do not have any distractions such as the TV, radio or newspapers or magazines to read. You want to put your entire concentration only on the meal you are eating.

Also, avoid any fast, upbeat music as it is scientifically proved that this makes you eat faster. If you don't believe me, just go into a fast food restaurant and listen to the piped music they are playing! Here are the tips to making your diet meal seem larger than it really is.

  1. When you put food on your fork, only put half the amount you would normally put on it. This forces you to eat more slowly and prolongs the meal.
  2. After eating each fork of food, put the fork down and take your hand off it. This again forces you to eat more slowly.
  3. When you put the food in your mouth, chew it over slowly and thoroughly and make a point of tasting the food before swallowing, mentally noting the way it tastes.

This works for most home delivery type diets where meals are smaller than you are used to. So if you are looking for a great tip for succeeding with the Nutrisystem diet, then you just found it.

What you do with it is really up to you, of course, but it makes sense to do everything you possibly can to make your diet work as best as it can possibly do so that you can lose weight more easily and with greater success than without it.

Making the Most of Diet Meals

There are many aspects to taking on one kind of dieting program or other to lose some of the excess weight that you may have been gaining lately. So it pays to be prepared for what is to come before you actually go ahead and sign up for any diet system.

For instance, if you were attracted to the television ads showing those great looking Nutrisystem diet meals and the promise of a real chance to easily lose weight with their super convenient way of dieting, then you should still make sure that you read up on the company and its diet food menu before placing your order.

This is so that you don't end up getting something you were not expecting, which is pre-packaged, processed meals that may look okay when they are on the plate but they will never stand up to the kind of food quality that you would expect from a proper home cooked meal. It's these little things that some pre-buying research can uncover so that you know more about what you may be getting.

If that is okay for you, then you can go ahead and order your diet in the full knowledge of exactly what you will be getting and being under no illusions that it is anything other than what it is. At the end of the day, whatever eating program you end up placing yourself on, you should be eating for health first and foremost.

The loss of those excess pounds will come in as a secondary by-product of right eating and being sensible about what you allow to pass your lips. It's your body after all and it is up to you to make sure that you look after it as best you can, because it has to last you a whole lifetime!