Take the Dog for a Healthy Walk

Every dog owner will tell you that one of the joys of dog ownership is taking them out for a walk any time of the day and wherever the scent leads his nose.

The dog's that is, not necessarily the owner's! But did you know that this pleasurable pastime is also a great way to improve your general health?

There is certainly more to this than meets the eye, as can be seen, so here is a chance to take a look at the many aspects of owning a dog and how many improvements in your health can result from grooming, walking and petting your favorite pet.

We'll as look at why your health can benefit from spending lots of time with your dog. We also look at how you can make the most of your happy alliance with man's best friend.

Walking the Dog

This is the most obvious aspect of owning a canine friend, because taking your dog out for a healthy walk, even if it's only around the block, is providing both of you with some valuable exercise that you wouldn't otherwise get.

Longer walks are naturally more beneficial, but the reason they are so much more beneficial than, say using a treadmill in a gym, is that you are not only walking at an elevated pace, but you will encounter inclines and have to navigate around obstacles along the way.

Add to that the fact that dog walking gets you out into the fresh air, which is also highly beneficial unless you happen to live in a particularly polluted part of a big city. When you get outdoors during the daylight hours, you are also providing your body with a way to manufacture more vitamin D, plus you are allowing for the production or the feel good hormone serotonin.

Dog Grooming and Petting

This is an aspect of ownership that not too many people associate with being healthful and some even see it as a chore. But the fact is that when you are petting your dog, you are helping yourself by reducing stress. It has been proved scientifically that repeated stroking of a dog's fur triggers sensors in the fingertips that send soothing signals along the nerves to the brain.

This action creates a calming situation which relieves stress. We all know that stress is the cause of many of today's ills. So by doing whatever we can to reduce stress in our lives just has to be good for our health.

So you see, your dog really does earn his title as your best friend!